Ministries & Organization

1. Jesus Youth (

With the vision of sharing the faith and building a witnessing Christian community, Jesus Youth have formed themselves into various ministries. A Jesus Youth ministry usually begins as the initiative of an individual or a small youth fellowship, to share Jesus in a specific context using some special talent or charism. From a simple initiative this grows step by step into an organized movement and it gets accepted as a formal ministry of Jesus Youth. While helping young people to come together and grow in fellowship, a Jesus Youth ministry prepares youth to practice a life style of evangelism.

A simple evangelistic initiative when becomes accepted as a ministry it will have a ministry coordinating team and a regular set of formation and outreach programs. In Jesus Youth there are a number of ministries focusing on different areas and at different stages of growth. Through different ministries, Jesus Youth reaches out and engages in faith formation of youth in different fields. There could be a variety of fields for ministries and related ministry categories based on

i) Formation
ii) Life situation
iii) Talent
iv) Reach out.

2. Franciscan Youth ( )

"For it is in giving that we receive..."

Franciscan Youth Qatar was founded a few years back under the guidance and leadership of Fr. Andrew Francis and Mr. Martin Xavier initially involving the  youth from the Malayalam Community .The group is very active within the Church & includes the whole parish in all major  events. We try to follow in the footsteps and mindset of our patron Saint Francis Assisi.

Our aim is to bring the youth attending the Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church together in a common platform to serve the needs of the parish and provide a venue to display their talents skills and abilities.

We believe in the power of Prayer. We believe in giving. We believe in unity within the Parish…….

3. Ablaze Youth