Marriage and the Family are the foundation of society and that happy, stable marriages and families make a strong society. Today the attacks on the sanctity and stability of marriage and the family are a matter of serious concern. It is, therefore very important that our Catholic couples be well prepared to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Catholic Church insists on attending Marriage Preparation Course by the couple before their intended date of entering into the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The Marriage Preparation Course is not just a requirement of the Church to get married. It is also meant to help an adult, have a realistic look at how he/she can make the Sacramental Marriage work and grow, in and through the relationship as husband and wife, every day.

Participation in the Marriage Preparation Course is a pre-requisite to receive the sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church. The Course may be completed at preferably two months before the sacramental marriage. 
Marriage Preparation Course is held on the 3rd Friday of every 2nd Month of the Year. From 7:30am - 5:30 pm.
The Schedule for the year 2014
14 February 2014
04 April 2014
13 June 2014
08 August 2014
17 October 2014
05 December 2014
Participants must attend the FULL course. Those who arrive late or miss out sessions, for any reason, will be required to REGISTER for the next course. 
Certificates will be issued only on completion of the full course.  To ensure correctness of the names on the certificates, names are required to be written IN BLOCK LETTERS while registering at the Parish Office. 
Only registered participants will be allowed in the hall. 
It is suggested that registration for the course be done at least three weeks in advance, as the number of participants is limited, on a first come first served basis.


Those who intend to get married in the Catholic Church, should inform the Parish Priest at least THREE MONTHS prior to the marriage. Such early notification is necessary so that various documents may be obtained and all the relevant marriage formalities be completed.

Certificate of Baptism (Can.1055)
Certificate of Confirmation (Can.1065)
Certificate of "Freedom to Marry" from the Priest of the Parish where Baptised

Marriage Preparation Course certificate
Above certificates are to be submitted in original and are to be recently issued (not older than six months)

Couples who wish to get married at Catholic Church of Rosary, Doha may refer to the following additional guidelines:

Valid passport copy with valid visa page

Two passport size photographs

Letter of Singleness from the respective Consulate / Embassy

An appointment must be booked for a meeting with the Parish Priest, in order to have the pre-nuptial enquiry. The couple is responsible for wedding arrangements such as choir, church decoration, Mass booklets etc. The choice of readings and printing of Mass booklets must be done in consultation with the priest.